TikTok: The next best app for marketers?

TikTok, the Chinese created social media videoing app, has made waves in the market being one of the most downloaded apps in 2018, boasting a global network valued at $75 billion. The reason being behind its success is the way the platform empowers its users to be creators and share their content with the world.

TikTok has not of yet introduced ads into its platform as they say they’re focusing on the user experience. However, this hasn’t stopped the likes of Liverpool FC, the United Nations and Calvin Klein using the app to promote their brands with notably Calvin Klein’s campaign being their most-viewed ever – demonstrating the app's potential.

So, the app has great promise for advertisers down the line, but our Head of Paid Media James Duffy, warns of potential issues saying “if they do so, they are at risk of alienating their core users, especially the younger audience, who currently use the app religiously. Younger users tend to be fickle when it comes to sponsored content… The warning is there, Facebook has done this in the past, and they need to be careful, or they may follow suit.”

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