The 5 benefits of a brand safety audit

Our Operations and Ad-Tech Director, Leena Vara-Patel joined ABC on 9th May 2019 to discuss brand safety, anti-fraud audits and the benefits that can arise from these at the 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit.

The benefits discussed at the session, broadly covered 5 key points:

1.      Building clients’ trust:  Trust and effective relationships are paramount for success in our industry, therefore by showing a willingness to undergo an audit demonstrates to clients that as an agency you are both meeting the industry-agreed standards and value transparency.

2.      Refines and enhances the processes you already have: Here at agenda21 we were already fulfilling many of the requirements set out in the JICWEBS brand safety and anti‐fraud Principles. This is as a result of ABC’s recommended actions that really helped us manage the internal process and demonstrate that standards are being met and or exceeded.

3.      Creates a clear framework for your brand safety policy: The JICWEBS audit requires businesses to gather all documentation that shows how and why your business processes are brand safe. This is useful in that the information can then be used in the future to create a formal brand safety policy, that can be clearly communicated to brands.

4.      Helps you stand out against other agencies: The simple fact you’re having an audit means your company is being rigorously tested – making you stand out from those not.

5.      You’re acting as a change agent in the wider advertising ecosystem: The transparency brought about by an audit means as company you’re in a good position and can demand best practise from your partners. Leena raised the point that here at agenda21 we only work with those who have also undergone an audit to JICWEBS standards for brand safety; this not only highlights good practice and reassures our clients we’re operating within safe environments, but also promotes that good practise amongst others in the industry, helping to raise standards across the board.

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