eMarketer releases Digital Ad Spend by Industry 2019 report

Today marks the release of the UK Digital Ad Spending by Industry Report 2019 which features the latest forecasts, trends and insight on the five largest UK industries – automotive, CPG, Financial services, retail and travel.

The report estimates that ad spending is expected to grow 11.2% reaching £14.73 billion in 2019 with retail leading the pack being the only industry to spend over £2 billion, accounting for 14.7% of the total spend.


Our Media Planning Director, Hannah King, features in this year’s report sharing her insight on the topics and how it comes as no surprise that retail leads the way on ad spend:

 “You see something. You like it. You buy it. Those windows are much shorter, and that tracking journey is completely joined up. It’s an ideal sector for the way digital works. Results are quite short term, so in terms of confidence in digital ad spending, it’s a lot higher for the retail sector than for other sectors where the customer journey might be a bit more fragmented, might be a bit longer term and not as easily, directly trackable.”

Several other interesting topics were covered in the report such as device trends and the effect Brexit may have on spending, to read about those click here to see the full report.

As featured on eMarketer.